Cool List: 10 Best Marketing Campaigns April 2012

Hard to believe it’s May already, 2012 is just flying by. In April we welcomed and said goodbye to April Fools Day and Easter for another year, neither occasion features in the campaigns below. There’s plenty of good stuff from Ikea, McDonalds, TNT, Pum and a bunch of others. As always iIf you have seen something else worth including add it in the comments below.

TNT Benelux: Push The Red Button
There’s life in the old flashmob yet, as this brilliant execution by TNT Benelux demonstrates. Take that singing flashmobs, all you need is a button to add drama!

I feel like I’m writing about Ikea every single month, and it’s hard not too when they keep coming out with clever ideas. Whatever Ikea do, be it real life installations somewhere, on TV or in some digital format the brand neatly joins the dots between between innovative and delivering tangible benefits for the viewer without ever resorting to gimmicks. Are Ikea the most innovative brand in the world in terms of marketing? Here’s this month’s proof.

They can do something new and fancy in an interactive video

do it in a web banner. How 90’s of them.

Agency Work

Agencies like to throw out good ideas they’ve created without any brand attached. Agencies are always looking for clients, ways to show off and ways flex their creative muscle – without the restrictive ties of a client brief. Last month three ideas caught my eye;

A Spotify Powered Poster

An in-agency challenge to ditch the lift and take the stairs. Using NFC to find those climbing the most stairs.

The Likebelt allows you to check in anywhere, all you need is a belt and the thrusting motion of a young Tom Jones. Although this reminds me of Jotly the take the pi** app that allows you to rate anything… that eventually became a real app..
Tug Of Store
This idea feels like its not fully finished. At it’s core is a ‘hot or not’ shopping site. You can see how others are rating the products, with links to buy said products. I expected a fast paced scan through the latest collections from some designer, with a Facebook integration that add’s a social layer at least. But there isn’t, also you rate the products by giving them 100 clicks – yes you have to click the mouse about 100 times before the next product appears. In a time when sites are trying to reduce the number of clicks between visiting and purchasing on a site, Tug Of Store gives that concept two big fingers. It’s a great idea that isn’t fully teased out yet.

Two cool executions from McDonalds. The first is from a Polish train station, where McDonalds have integrated their menu with the timetable. Not only can you see how long until your next train, but also how many McDonalds products you can consume within that time.

A reflective billboard only visible at night – to highlight the local branches are open 24 hours. This isn’t the first time McD’s did something a bit different.
Puma: The Worlds Fastest Purchase
It’s interesting to see how technology is seeping into everyday actions. In this instance Puma have gamified shopping, the faster you are to make a purchase, the greater the discount. It’s not exactly new, but putting it into an actual store certainly puts a new spin on it. Plus the store can turn probably turn over a greater number of customers in a normal day.
Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2
I also liked this, and it’s the first sequel of the month – Magnum’s Pleasure Hunt. You might remember this from last year, it’s basically a game across the internet that incorporates real pages. You can play it here.


In the Neatherlands they took the idea a step further to incorporate an AR app, that allowed people to play it in real life. It would be nice to find out how much of a success this AR campaign was. Bueller? Bueller?
TippExperience Two
It’s like the first one, which was great, but it doesn’t really break new ground so it doesn’t feel as great. But hat’s off too everyone involved for taking what is a very unsexy product and making people talk about it.

Smart Car: Ping Pong & Twitter Ad
The Smart Car brought us two interesting things this month, Pong updated with cars being used as controllers.

They also had this very different Twitter Ad run in Argentina, it’s a kind of cartoon in the Twitter-stream . Volkswagon did something similar on Facebook with their Flipbook and what looks like a never ending stream of photo’s..

Personalisation: Trident, Heineken, Channel 4, Durex, Citreon
Trident gum in the US promised the ‘Fun’ audit, it’s an Intel ‘Museum of Me’ type thing that try’s very hard. Access it here.

Brian Badonde, (you might know him as the funny one from Facejacker) released his Bacebook Bapp, which I can only assume is tied in with a new series of the show. I really tried to like this.

Heineken’s design challenge also came to an end, as did Durex’s Naked Box. I’m not sure how many entries there were for the latter, or how it performed, or indeed who came first, (ok, I’ll stop), but Heineken had 30,000 er… entries (soz!) and it’s a brand who are phenomenal in their Facebook comm’s, even if I disagree with their all in one global page.
While all getting people to design packaging and then make it for them is a win-win concept, the brand has to be able to put in as much effort in producing the finished product as the entrants did. So little did Heineken or Durex realise that Citreon was about to rain on their personalisation parade with the launch of the first Facebook crowd-sourced car. Yep design a car that Citreon will put into production, and bring it to market next year. First I want doors that open like they do in Back to The Future…Oh there’s small print – “ you can only choose the number of doors, the interior and exterior colours”.
Possibly topping Citroen in the underwhelming stakes is this Mercedes-Benz campaign from Germany. The premise is this, you can use any car key to open the doors of a Mercedes-Benz Viano on a digital projection. Nice idea. Out pops a variety of characters from the Viano (a van) in the projection, some of them funny, some are entertaining – all to highlight the space in the vehicle. Good communication of brand message. If your Viano is empty when you click your keys – you win a Viano ‘experience’. Unfortunately the ‘experience’ extends to a lift in a van – a thrilling experience if ever there was one. The video is worth watching if only for the family trying to feign excitement at the end “Oooooh, what’s this… a button on the inside of the van”. Unfortunately it doesn’t add drama.