Guerrilla Marketing: GLT Dublin

I have said in the past that it’s a rare to see any Guerrilla Marketing campaigns of note in Ireland, while mainland Europe seems to be awash with them. Thanks to this Guerrilla Promo’s blog I found this pretty cool guerrilla campaign for the Gum Litter Task Force in Dublin. The GLT seem like a fairly substantial group comprising of various Govt departments, ECO UNESCO, Foroige and local authority representatives. Their mission is to highlight that dropping gum is litter and can result in a €150 fine. According to their site they are getting results with a 36% decrease in Gum litter reported in 2008.

This, I presume, is their 2009 campaign and what a simple yet effective idea. A street lined with shoes stuck there because gum was dropped on the ground. Speech bubbles identified to passers by what the message was, while promotional material was also handed out by students. This perfectly exemplifies what Guerrilla is about – delivering messages in a creative and high impact manner. The unusual delivery method creates curiosity in passers by, they become alert to the message (unlike in a lot of other media) and it will become a talking point for those who have seen it with those who have not.

This is the second Guerrilla Campaign I have picked up on in Dublin in the last month, or perhaps the third since August if you include this and this. Has the recession forced new more effective and innovative thinking from Irish marketers? I hope so. Whats also strange about this though, as of posting time there is no web activity on this campaign, maybe its just that recent and the team behind it are after maximum impact.