59 More Guerrilla Marketing & Ambient Advert’s

Here are 59 more great Guerrilla marketing and Ambient advertising I have picked up on in the last couple of months. In no particular order;

McDonalds Free Coffee Campaign #1

McDonalds took an inventive approach to the launch of their coffee in Canada.

McDonalds Free Coffee Campaign #2

This second ad is a converted lamppost made to look like a giant pot of brewed coffee and a cup with the wording ‘free coffee’ across it.

Optical Illusion Road Sign

This optical illusion sign is in a Melbourne car park. It appears readable only to drivers in a certain position, while unreadable to other car users. The idea of delivering a high impact message to individuals in specific positions, while those nearby are unaware, could be developed for marketing application.

This was from 15 Funny Road and Rail Notices list first published in the Telegraph, full list here

1200 Bodybags

Ok this is from 2006 (or thereabouts) but I only picked up on this last month. Truth.com released an anti smoking advert where 1200 body bags were dumped at the doors to a major tobacco company. The 1200 represents how many people are killed from Tobacco related illnesses every day. A study revealed the Truth.com campaigns were successful in reducing teen & underage smoking by 300,000.

Juice Salon Mumbai

This hair salon in Mumbai took to advertising their brand on a shopping centre escalator. On the bottom was a mans head while each step featured a different hairstyle. As each step reaches the bottom it completes the image and displayed the man with a different hairstyle. A really nice idea that could be used for a variety of products


This ad below appeared in a South American magazine for a bubble gum product by Acor. When the magazine is opened it appears the person in the ad is blowing a giant 3D bubble


Hubba Bubba Israel


Red Bull #1 – Soapbox Race Jerusalem 2009

The Red Bull soapbox race has been staged in Ireland in the past, it’s a non motorised race of strange and peculiar looking vehicles developed by amateurs. To highlight this core message Avraham advertising agency in Israel added wheels to many structures, such as benches, bins and noticeboards, to highlight the diverse nature of the competing vehicals

Red Bull #2 – City Scramble Wall

To promote the Red Bull City Scramble the drinks company did this;

Red Bull #3 – Cola MI6

As already demonstrated Red Bull do like to take a different approach when it comes to advertising. How about this – using a laser to advertise the drink and also get up the noses of MI6. Although it looks too like its staged

Tyskie Beer

To promote this beer brand, stickers shaped like an over sized pint glass were placed on doors to bars, restaurants and shops. When customers grabbed the door handle it looked like they were grabbing a nice cold pint of beer


Gap: Shopping Turned on Its Head

For a new Gap promotion the company will give shoppers credits if a full priced item goes on sale within 45 days of purchase. The promotion tag line is ‘Shopping Turned on its Head’ and to illustrate this point they turned one store in Vancouver upside down over night and not just the interior either, but also cars parked directly outside the store.

And heres a video showing the store transformation…

Guinness Halloween

In Romania to promote the ‘dark side’ of the black stuff each pint was placed on beer mats shaped like ghouls and devils. This gave the impression that the shadow of the pint hid something dark and sinister.


You have seen light aircraft carrying advertising banners in the past. How about that concept using flies? The fly happens to be the logo for the publishing house behind the campaign and it all took place at a German book fair.


Global Warming #1

Social marketing seeks to change attitudes towards certain activities these can vary from anti drink driving ad’s to safe sex. Its a genre of marketing that requires a different approach in order to drive the message home. Here are some ad’s related to Global Warming. First  hundreds of snowmen to protest the effects of Global Warming on the world.


Global Warming #2

1000 mini human shaped ice sculptures were placed in the Berlin September sun, melting in the heat. This was carried out by the German WWF


Global Warming #3


Global Warming #4

This is for Greenpeace in France, using imitation icebergs to highlight for global warming


Global Warming #5

The image is striking, of a man who’s body has ‘melted’ into the path due to rising world temperatures


Over 17,500 square feet were covered with 5.6 million LED lights to turn an entire building into a giant billboard for Bayer in Germany. Wonder what this carbon footprint was…


Coops Paints

Powerful Fan

The Shanghai Haitong Building on the left in the image below is known for its unusual design. Taking advantage of this ‘waves’ style to the top of the building fan manufacturer Midea hoisted a banner on the building next door and said ‘powerful fan’.


Powerful Vacuum

Electroclux promote the power of its new product


Giant Piano

Remember that scene in Big, when Tom Hanks plays chopsticks on a giant piano? Now imagine a stairs in Sweden turned into one giant piano for Volkswagon


Art For Ransom

A not for profit arts organisation going under the name artforransom.org covered up the public artwork in Denver with black plastic and yellow tape. This was to highlight that the art around the city does come at a cost and shouldn’t be taken for granted in these tough economic times. The covered over art also displayed the organisations website where members of the public could pay the ransom and learn how to get involved.


Nail Biter Bag

An eye catching bag for to promote ‘Stop and Grow’


Lego Crane

Construction sites in Chile grind to a halt at weekends and one intrepid marketing agency decided to hang a giant Lego block from a crane.


Hate Dropped Calls

This eyecatching billboard and its missing section was located in Times Square in New York

Kill Bill

A blood splattered billboard and street to promote Kill Bill

2012 Flood

An underground tunnel advert for the disaster flick ’2012′, this is from earlier in November in Rio, and depicts the flooding of Copacabana subway.

Public Toilet #1 – ESPN Futebol

Toilets have proved to be interesting locations for ad’s. Take this one for ESPN’s football.

Public Toilet # 2 – Wolf Hot Sauce

From the urinals to the hand dryer…

Public Toilet #3 – VW Size

And back to the urinals to play up a ‘stereotype’.

Public Toilet #4 – Radio AM840: Pee Poster

This video below is for a Canadian radio station and takes place in the bathroom of the Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. A motion sensor triggers a ‘running commentary’ as the urinal is used.


Public Toilet #5 – Upskirt Advertising

For a TV station apparently


Public Toilet # 6 – The Practice (France)

To promote a new drama called The Practice, bathroom mirrors in cinemas were transfomed into two-way mirrors

TV Shows #1 – The Phone

Which leads us into TV shows and their use of Guerrilla and Ambient techniques. This first one is for the Dutch reality show ‘The Phone’, which earlier this week picked up an International Emmy for ‘Best Non Scripted Show’. In it unsuspecting members of the public have a chance to win €25,000, by answering ‘planted’ mobile phones. To promote the second series of the show, several mobile phones were smuggled into TV and radio studios to ring during live broadcasts.

TV Shows #2 – Ugly Betty

A simple idea to promote the upcoming series of Ugly Betty

TV Shows #3 – True Blood

When one of Aucklands largest construction developments stopped due to the recession, a quick thinking Ad Agency took advantage to promote the upcoming series of True Blood

TV Shows # 4 – True Blood

TV Shows #5 – Dexter

I suggest checking out my post on 8 Dexter Marketing moments, here’s my own personal gruesome favourite. A severed limb in a butchers fridge.

VW Small but Tough

This is the third such ad from VW I have featured in this post, this time playing up how tough their cars are.


Wonderbra #1

Wonderbra is another brand that likes to play up the benefits of using its product in an unusual way.

Wonderbra #2


Free Air Guitar

A promotion for a rock radio station

PSP Tennis

Amnesty International Shut Up

To highlight the false imprisonment these stickers were placed in public lockers

Anti Litter Bus Shelter

Litter found around bus shelters was picked up and placed inside the shelter, over time the shelter fills with more and more rubbish. Something like this might help to highlight the amount of litter found on most Irish streets

Home Plus Subway

These images wrapped around pillars in a subway station to promote Home Plus Supermarkets

Yellow Pages Hits The Target

Yellow Pages in Canada erected this yellow darts outside shopfronts and businesses to highlight local consumer search queries are better answered using their service than search engines

Lipton Green Tea A Clean River

Squash Club

To promote an upcoming Squash match between past and present pro’s at a club half squash balls with the match details printed on the inside, were stiuck to the glass to give the effect that they had smashed through

Calcium Sandoz

To promote the Calcium enriched Sandoz product in India a pole holding up a bridge is fitted with extra curves to form a bone shape.

Anando Milk

To promote the benefits of milk to children, and playing upon their fantasies of superhuman strength Anando Milk did this neat trick

Coca Cola Grip Bottle

To highlight the new better grip Coke bottle in France (cue Thierry Henry joke), the beverage co have stuck some velcro on posters at bus shelters to annoy passers by.

Anti Smoking

This ceiling sticker demonstrates the early demise that is in store if smokers keep up their habit

Improv Everywhere – Invisible Dogs

Not strictly Guerrilla marketing as there wasnt a product on sale, however what an excellent idea from Improv Everywhere. The third video of theirs I have posted up in the last month. This time over 2,000 people take to the streets of Brooklyn, New York walking Invisible Dogs.