23 Best Absolut Ad’s

Following on from my recent blog post on the history of Abolsut, I thought I would follow up with some of the best ad’s from Absolut. Originally i started with the aim of picking my ten favourite, however it quickly dawned on me that it was going to be an impossible task to narrow all of them down to just ten. So here’s 23.

The first Absolut advert appeared in 1980 giving birth to an award winning campaign centred upon the distinctive shape of the Absolut bottle, which appears in some form or another. Over 1,500 different adverts have appeared in one of the longest uninterrupted advertising campaigns in the world. The ads have been around for so long and there are so many that one would be forgiven for missing or even forgetting some of them. Thankfully theres an online fan site called AbsolutAd.com that collects all the adverts, and believe me, I’m sure I have left out loads of excellent Absolut ads:

Absolut Camouflage

Absolut Bangkok (1999)

Absolut Adventure

Absolut Mexico

Absolut Ecstasy of St. Theresa

Absolut Etiquette

Absolut Amsterdam Luggage

Absolut Iceland

Absolut Betty

These glasses belong to the lead character of a famous Latin American soap who’s name, when translated is ‘I am Betty, the Ugly’, later remade for North American television as Ugly Betty.

Absolut Jukkasjarvi

Absolut Minnesota

Absolut 19th

Just how good is this ad? Can you spot the Absolut bottle in the advert?

Absolut Recycled

Absolut Arkhangelsk

Absolut Summer

Absolut San Diego

Absolut Budapest

Absolut Apple

Absolut Aspen

Absolut Dublin (1999)

Notice all books are about Dublin or written by Irish authors

Absolut Sydney (1999)

Absolut Citron (2000)

Absolut Polynesia

Absolut Underground (2001)

Absolut reinterpreted a series of famous album covers to include a subtle brand character, here, from the Velvet Underground’s cover, it’s the top of the banana resembling the top of the Absolut bottle.